Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My Freaky Alien Garden, Trippin' with Sade and Saying Goodbye.

Spring has arrived here in NW Washington state!  As the sun stubbornly hides behind grey cloud for days on end, I have found strange alien-like life forms in flower blooms....

Yea, baby! 

And my new favorite....A blue poppy when the sky is blue.

P. Dog and I are about to head out on an adventure. And as we prepare for a 12 hour drive south to look for a new home, I think of Sade. The music has traveled with me through time, bringing  comfort in ways that I find hard to articulate.  Along for as many life travels as I can remember, and many of those times in deep solitude.  The place where I tend to lose focus.
Sade herself, like a member of my own family has always offered me a new prospective while effectively denying me the self-prescribed pill of black dog (or crow) that I tend to hardily swallow by the handfuls.  No, it's not like I feel I know her, but in some way I do feel appreciative just knowing she shares the planet I'm on...I imagine her life to be very different from mine. It's another reminder of how I think the "not knowing" may be better than reality.  But, sometimes I think it would be so cool to just sit down and have tea with her.  Even cooler if she would agree to go hiking in the forested Washington mountains with us.  Alas, she would probably be checking her watch for the next flight out of small town america.  (Maybe I'd have better luck with Sir David Attenborough for tea and a hike?)
As I pack my bags and some boxes, the rain begins.  I hear an owl calling across the field in the trees I helped plant so many years ago.  The quietness of the country side seems to pester me for the blues. The traditional style blues of which I have a nice collection. This time I bypass the urge and pop in the latest Sade CD to relax the tightening fibres of obsession over silly unimportant details. I laugh when I think of the crazy girl crush I had on the sax/guitar player, Stuart Matthewman back in the 80's. The couple of years of tenor saxophone classes I took to try to sound like him. In my rented living room where the neighbors must have been going crazy as I played one measure a million times...Over and over trying to figure out what notes they were. I did earn a seat in a jazz band....It's a good memory and I still have the sheet music.
Sade's outdoor concerts circa late 80's in California. Fantastic. I still have a program for the "Promise" tour in my treasure box.
wherever you are and wherever you'll be, please think of us too sometimes.  The tiny specks on the map whom you'll never meet. You continue to live on in their hearts.....Wherever life takes them.

And so we say "Goodbye"

To the fields in which we played, the mountains we climbed, the waters we swam, (and one time nearly drowned), the grass we ate, the beautiful state of Washington.  Crazy, beautiful, cool and windy. Many memories, but new experiences await.  The pets don't know the move is coming.  P. has had so much fun here in her 4 years of life.  I'll do my best to take care of everyone going forward.
Southern Oregon and northern California await exploration. Will write more as inspiration and time allows.               "Can she tame the beast that is her fear?"  -Sade