Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ode to the mountain stream

I've always felt at home with water.  Water that moves. The sight and sound of it energizes me. It makes sense then, to have a pet that feels the same way.  P. seems to have the same love and swims easily in both salt or fresh.

Sitting beside a mountain stream and cooling some hike weary paws alongside the Tubal Cain Trail in the Buckhorn Wilderness.

Like the artery of life giving liquid through the forest falls the stream.

Sometimes barely skimming the rock and yet slippery to cross.

And in the time when the snow melts, misty air all around clears the senses. 
Crashing down in places like a salute to the change of seasons.

Or still enough to be a secret gathering place for green life to flourish.
A quiet caress of wonder.

Sifts, turns and swirls. Everywhere I look, the stream teaches the constant rhythm of time.  It only stays the same to the untrained eye.  Yet, I come back again and again, for some reason, needing to relearn this lesson.

So inspired, we went home and sat next to a pond with a waterfall.  It turns out there are some other little creatures who love the water as much as we do.

Hope your summer is progressing as you would like.  We'll write again soon...And a few parting shots...

For the love of the river and living life in the element!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Empty nesters? A study of Eagles

After a few unusually stormy days complete with thunder and lightning....

The sun welcomed my camera and I outside.  All I had to do was follow this fellow.

Time for some practice with the big birds...

My, and such a handsome fellow. I thought he looked a bit cross with me for interrupting his sun bathing though...

And another tried to hide and the sun disappeared.  Oh well, the search continued.

"Um, can't you see I'm wet? Go find a dry raptor to photograph, sheesh!"

And then I spotted a nest with two (large) fledglings

"Gee, I hope somebody comes to feed us soon!"

"Hey, feed me a fish, bro."

"This nest is getting too small for us both.  I wonder if I could fly"

"Whoa, that's a long way down.  Maybe later today or tomorrow."
 I whispered in reply, "No rush. You are almost ready."

Here's one that made it.

And a different resident in the same area.

A parent arrived.  He seemed so small next to the big youngsters.

While the young ate a fish, the adult called out.  Here's dad zoomed in.  I mean, what an outstanding sound and sight!

Hope summer has arrived where you are.  The Lavender smell fills the air here.  The festival starts next week.  We'll probably head for the mountains....

'Til next time, take care.