Thursday, January 19, 2012

Small Post on a Snowy Day.

Labrador from Labrador? Maybe even Newfoundland?

When it snows, the days run together as though stringing an entire necklace with identical beads.
 One by one.
Quiet day gives up to quiet night.  Building inches from soft flake to blankets that cover all seen.
Peaceful, at first.
With time, the sparkly bright whiteness becomes a colorless unforgiving cage, of which there is no way out.  The immediate world closes in around you.  You feel this weight of nothingness.  The snow bends the tree branches.  They struggle to maintain using conserved energy from lost sun.
Here is winter's test. 
Can you stay, when even the birds have left to follow the sun?  By day, we play carefully outside.
The ladle clanks against the soup pot.  Extra cup of something warm, usually coffee. Fingerless gloves and added layers are worn inside.  By evening, we wait patiently with books and computer entertainment while clothes,hats, gloves, boots and leashes dry on a rack by the water heater.

Yet, I'll look back at this time fondly. When normalcy returns, life speeds up.  More distractions, places to be and money to be earned.  Decisions, options, advertising and commitments and the need to tune out the back ground noise sapping my energy by day's end.

"Awww, can't you stay out and play a little longer!"

So today I'll sit in my white box and write....

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