Sunday, July 15, 2012

Empty nesters? A study of Eagles

After a few unusually stormy days complete with thunder and lightning....

The sun welcomed my camera and I outside.  All I had to do was follow this fellow.

Time for some practice with the big birds...

My, and such a handsome fellow. I thought he looked a bit cross with me for interrupting his sun bathing though...

And another tried to hide and the sun disappeared.  Oh well, the search continued.

"Um, can't you see I'm wet? Go find a dry raptor to photograph, sheesh!"

And then I spotted a nest with two (large) fledglings

"Gee, I hope somebody comes to feed us soon!"

"Hey, feed me a fish, bro."

"This nest is getting too small for us both.  I wonder if I could fly"

"Whoa, that's a long way down.  Maybe later today or tomorrow."
 I whispered in reply, "No rush. You are almost ready."

Here's one that made it.

And a different resident in the same area.

A parent arrived.  He seemed so small next to the big youngsters.

While the young ate a fish, the adult called out.  Here's dad zoomed in.  I mean, what an outstanding sound and sight!

Hope summer has arrived where you are.  The Lavender smell fills the air here.  The festival starts next week.  We'll probably head for the mountains....

'Til next time, take care.


Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

Awesome eagle shots! And just like teenagers...always expecting things to be handed to them :)

Outdoor Dog's Blog said...

Thanks Jessica. Pictures taken down on Marine Drive. You know where that is, right? Eagles always there hunting. Next post will be Gretel. It was so nice meeting you! -M.

Sheila Broumley said...

Awesome photos! I walk by there all the time and never get tired of seeing that family. :)

Outdoor Dog's Blog said...

Hi Sheila,
The Roving Historian mentioned you were moving here. How do you like it so far? Hope to meet you in the future at Pt. Williams beach w/your pup. -M.