Thursday, March 7, 2013

Inspirations, Dreams and recipe for Po'man's soup

When the world is ice cold and seems to push against her; she just puts a smile on her face and gets out there. 

Be sure to check out both sides of the fence and choose your side with care.


According to R., we are living in the age of "peak everything".  In a nutshell, the planet can not support the population with it's limited resources. "The fallout has already begun." He tells me.
"The ship is sinking. We are on a speeding train heading towards collision with an unknown date."  He points out examples of raising gas prices and food costs, corporate takeovers, political corruption,environmental degredation, on-and-on. 
"If it is already too late", I asked him. "What can we do about it?"
"Get prepared.  He replied.  "Pare down your lifestyle.  Learn some basic skills to survive the rough. times ahead."  I listen to R.'s recommended radio shows with authors of books who were former college professors or scientists who back his words as if by order.  They also push their books in subliminal ways and in the same breath tell you how making money will be of no use in the future. They go on to say that all our interactions will be limited to a local level using mostly a barter system and integrated community support.

So I begin to commute by bike. In my sleep, I have dreams of designing an enclosed rainproof cover to use my bike more as I do a car.
The chicken coop.  We can always eat eggs and <gulp> chicken and share them with others...The coop will be ready for spring chicks.  I wonder if I can hang with some cute chicks and not think of them as friends, but as a source of food.  It would be odd indeed to think of eating something that shot out of your new friends' backside. I suppose that's better than from a complete stranger.  

Hmmm. This brings us to the next episode of

Dispatches from BFE To The City, episode two
Today's topic:
"Please sir, can I have another treat?"
Presented to you by: Dog Tired Times and Naptime Productions
                                (A sustainable, local and all-around lazy company)
So, you don't have anything in the fridge?  Do you have an onion and garlic clove? 
Dice and Stir fry onion and garlic in oil to your desired texture and crispness.
Add water according to how many people you are feeding.
Any leftover meat or bones?  Add.
Add any vege(s) you got left over from your fridge in order of density and bring water to boil. (carrots, root veges/potatoes in first)
When these begin to soften, add frozen/or canned veges, if you have them. Add beans or left over pasta if you have it
Add fresh veges and/or
go to your yard and pick some dandelions or other edible green weeds. (Remember, you'll need to know before this situation arrives which ones are edible)
Basically, add anything you got at the right time...
Add spices from your kitchen herb garden, remove the bones if any in there and voila! 
A Po' man's soup, to warm your soul. 
And as we look due south, a silver lining...
Until next time......

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Ann Staub said...

Mmm I love soup... I just wished my family like it as much as I do...