Friday, November 11, 2011

M.'s Fall migration inward

            My favorite leaf found today                

The memory of sunshine came to me from a taste of a garden tomato.  It was picked green before removing the tomato plants at season's end. Red and ripe appearing like a ghost from summer past.
With the change of seasons, also comes change of focus. Suddenly, the fresh bounty is becoming noticeably thin.  Things that I considered simple needs in summer take on a different meaning.  Shelter, with enough room to move about in, fills me with gratitude.
Food and proper clothing to keep warm. Water, often prized in summer continues to be in winter.  Today, it rained on P. dog's walk. It rained the whole time. When you live in the Pacific Northwest, it's like freedom when you own a good pair of waterproof pants, shoes and jackets. This allows more quality time outside with the pup. She has far too much energy to miss a walk due to weather!  Surprisingly, we saw many people walking their dogs, riding bikes and running. 
Building wind to storm-like conditions finally sent us home.  The gulls pushed against the wind in flight and in vain, only to give up and land in a muddy field to wait.   This is what we have in store for us in the coming months. Waiting out the cold snaps and learn to adapt to what the new season  will bring. 

**Mystery Box contents-next post!

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