Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's it like....

My inquiring mind wants to know what it's like living in your skin.  What's important to you?  Is it predominately something immediate, such as family, religion, your pets, personal health and/or lifestyle?   Is it on a larger scale, like world peace, the environment we all share?  Is it a combination of many things?  Do you even know how to answer should someone ask you?  When the word, "important" is used in the question, how serious do you take it?  Do you think about it every day?  Once a week?  There is action within that choice.  How often do you participate in the activity?
Ok, that's alot of personal questions, I know.  It's ok, the person who is asking does not get to hear your answers.  But, maybe asking questions will allow an opening up to reveal something worth reflecting on.

WOW, because you are simply dying to know; here's an inside view of what it's like being me. 

Drum roll, please! 

Well, my answers to the question change almost daily. Sometimes I wonder if, as americans, we are tied up with so much messaging that we can't truly define ourselves.  Is that a function of a growing society or simply what it means to be human?   The motto that makes the most sense to me and helps me sort things out is," Actions speak louder than words."  The problem with that is, there often isn't time to observe those actions.  Snap judgments and quick responses are what we value.  So,we take a shot in the dark, trust in people and circumstances and hope it works out for us.  I spend a significant amount of time trying to quiet all the interference and never ending requests for immediacy.  Take all or nothing. The drop off points are arriving.  Timelines and deadlines abound!
                       It makes me crazy when I put myself behind a person or agenda that "feels right" only to be slammed for it later.  Example: A product I buy because I like it and believe in it.  Then I find out the company I have been supporting violates child labor laws, or some equally (or more)  repulsive shortcomings. Slam!  Or voting for someone who I believe in and then, oops.  I may even have gone so far as to do the research. This candidate had so many years of such n such experience, training,education etc. Looks good to me. Then I have to take the plunge. Take his/her word for it, go ahead-trust your instincts for Christ's sake!  Do it now!  Slam!

So, now I level with you here.  I am confused and laying low in efforts to observe for awhile.  Of course I do have important things I think about.  For me, and again my ideas seem to change frequently, are the very basic needs for living and learning to be gracious with what's around me.  Too differentiate between reality and my own made up idiosyncratic tendencies which  I would only share with someone when I look into their eyes.  Yep, that's where it  gets too personal for my tastes, luv.  A fairly recent revelation is when something really feels like a struggle, there usually is something wrong. I found if I step back rather than continue to beat my head, it resolves itself or an answer appears at the right time.  Something tells me that the proper timing is essential to living.  When we lose sight of that, things just don't go right.
That's my story in a nutshell-thanks for being my pal in the quest for the almighty write.  Stay positive, focused and find the time. 
Yours, M.

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barnaclebill said...

So many questions. Are any answers right or wrong, at any given time?Perhaps it's the timing of that proper thing you mentioned.

I'm not issue oriented. Comfort comes to me by ending the day with at least what I started with.