Monday, February 27, 2012

A day in the life of a Miss March Wannabe

My name is P., I'll be three in March and this is my portfolio.  I think I would make a great Miss (fill in the month you need me), because I am a fun loving party animal. I am also an excellent time manager, as I require my humans take me for an average 1-2 hour walk every day. No excuses! I devote my life to keeping my entire pack in good shape.  I take this duty very seriously.  I enjoy chasing balls, hikes, running on leash or beside a bike, swimming, (a must at least once a week-yr. round) visiting with all sorts of animals and eating.
Recently, I discovered I like sleeping by the wood burning stove as well. Hmmmm, warm tummy!

This is a view of my hood
We have a new camera and this is the second day of practice with it. We went to my favorite swimming spot on the river for these next shots.

This one is my favorite. Would be a nice addition to a Field & Stream Magazine, don't you think?

On this day, we also saw some eagles.  Some immature and not yet sporting the white head.  I had to wait in the car for these, but I don't mind...

We really had fun and hope to share more pictures soon!  Also, as the learning curve allows, M. will get better taking them. 
Oh, just one more of me in action on the trail to the water! Ah, happiness! Rock on!


Anonymous said...

love the photo all wet

Sheila Broumley said...

Wonderful photos! She should absolutely be chosen as Miss March! ;-)

Debi Horvath said...

P you have an awesome hood. Eagles and streams. You're alot like me.... 1-2 hours of walking, running, hiking, swimming... per day. no excuses.

Love your blog.

Outdoor Dog's Blog said...

Thanks for all your kind comments!
P. is the party animal of our family and a blast of fun each day. Without her, the rest of us would probably remain couch potatoes. As our personal trainer, she keeps us all in shape and feeling good! She would prefer making her living as a sniffer dog though. Maybe someday.