Saturday, June 23, 2012

Forest for the trees: Former city girl in nature

The road that leads to where I am going. 

Getting closer now. 

'Tis the season for hiking!

A creek runs through the forest.  

The snowy patches cool the mountain air. Deep breath.


Wild blooming Rhodies love dappled sun and gather under trees. 

P. has not seen snow for several months. Cause for play!

Nose work and forest exploration.

R. tells me this is what an old growth forest should look like. Older, dead and dying trees mixed with the new.  It all works together and acts as food or shelter for the ecosystem throughout. A delicate, yet rugged process of life.  A busy, yet quiet place.  A forest of intricacies. 
A couple more examples.

Thanking the trees for clean air we enjoyed here.
 Under the canopy.


Indian Paintbrush

Crazy, beautiful rock flowers


Where the snow line broke.

Who lives here? Marmot hole?
Care to stick your hand in there and see what bites? 
No thanks.


On the way home, R. stops the car suddenly.  The tires skid and a cloud of dust from the dirt road engulfs the car.  "What is it?" I gasped. 
"I have to get it out of the road so no one runs over it."
We slowly back up and I look in the rear view mirror to try to see what he is talking about. But I don't see anything.
He stops and gets out. I grab my camera and follow.
It's a snake.  R. loves snakes.  I like them too as long as I am not touching them. I know they are beneficial because they eat bugs and I think, slugs.  I also know they are about as afraid of me as I am of them.  Somehow, this relaxes me.
R. shoos the little 2ft long garter guy off the road. It's the first snake I've seen this year. To me, it's a sign of good luck and summer.

True Story!

Thanks for visiting, take care.
Watch the road for little critters.
'Til next time.


Phil said...

Like the rucksack - what's in that, a doggy snack? Nice flowers too especially the Indian Paintbrush thingy. I remember seeing lots of Garter Snakes in Ontario - they sure smell if you pick them up.

Outdoor Dog's Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words Phil. Yep, P. likes Zukes treats and I usually pack a sample sz kibble in case we get lost on the mtn and have to spend the night. I didn't know that about the smell of Garters. Picking them up won't happen anytime soon anyway. EEEk.