Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hedonistic dog, free advice from cat, and a peeping deer.

Caught in the act!  A  Peeping Deer!

Mountain view with our home-made raptor pole and birdhouse.
"Um, can we go this way???"

For P., deep fulfilling happiness lies in a mucky puddle. (Her eyes closed in restful meditation)
Enjoying the same puddle, only earlier in the year with less water. Note how the ball is always there.

This is A. cat's perch every evening during dinner preparation.  He sits on the microwave and stares with those bright yellows.  So, I talk to him.  And he talks back.  This evening I asked him for some catty advice.  "Do you think I am leading a positive lifestyle?  I'm thinking of changing some things.  If you were me, what would you change first?"
"Well, since you asked, let me be perfectly clear."  He replied. "You should stop with the computers already, sheesh! I think you are nuts to sit in front of that thing for so long every dang day.  Can't you see there are voles out of control in the field?  Live in the moment and enjoy your treats and food.  Also, I would take more naps."

Thanks A. For words of wisdom from a cat's point of view.

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Brian Labrom said...

You sure live in an amazingly peaceful looking place. I am sure P and A love to roam free. Just thought I'd pop by and say hello.