Monday, April 9, 2012

Small town quirks- #1 dedication benches/who are these people?

Sequim is a small town nestled in the valley below the majestic Olympic Mountain range.  It is mainly a "retirement" community, but also has it's share of unusual characters. 
On my way to work, I've noticed a few new benches being placed.  To have a place to rest and remember a loved one.  Kinda sweet.  Now the idea seems to have taken over the town.  A new fad. You don't even have to be dead to order one.  "Why wait?"  The truth is, no one in Sequim has the patience to wait until they are dead.  I know this because if one of my neighbors has to wait in line, it's like the end of the world.   They simply won't do it and everyone left gets to hear the angry rant going out the door.  

So, P. and I decided to set out and find as many dedication benches as we could within a short bike ride from our home.  Here's what we found and some thoughts while sitting there.

1.) Mike

Mike's bench

Lots of words for a small plaque. This bench is on the bike trail.   Mike, did you like to ride your bike or walk on this trail?   A memory means you are no longer with us, but I wonder how long you have been gone. Do your brothers and sisters still come around here, sit  and remember you?  How do they want us, the users of this bench who never knew you, to think about you?

2.) Ryan

Ryan's bench

This one is heartbreaking.  They say the hardest thing to endure is losing a child.  I believe that is true. I sat here and thought about that for awhile. I also thought about his parent. The "my" indicated one parent, and I imagined a mom. I sent a secret well wishing to the parent.  This bench is brand new and sits at the entrance to a park.  There was a bunch of fur on the ground beside it as if a coyote had eaten something there the night before.

3.) El

El's bench

This looked like a happy bench. Maybe El is alive.  This location was my favorite as it was in  a totally quiet and restful spot.  There were trees all around and birds chirping, etc. Yep, nature was here. Delightful on a sunny spring day.  Tell me El, do you have many friends and family members? Why is your bench here?

4.) Norm, Diane and the Pugs

Well, I acually know this couple and their pugs.  I should say, pug because after this bench was installed one pug died. P. loves Norm who we see on our walks a couple times a week.  She sits and he feeds her bacon, yum!  I asked them if the remaining pug misses the other. "Nope. She enjoys getting all the attention now."

Their bench

5.) W. and D

W. and D.'s bench

I think this was P.'s favorite bench.  She got right up on it and had this soulful look on her face.  Again, no dates. Not sure how long this one had been here.  Did they love dogs and can she sense their presence?  I don't really think so, but it makes for good reading, yes?

I'm sure there are more, I just haven't seen them yet. And there are probably some getting ready to be installed soon.  With the summer months coming, there will be plenty of butts needing a seat to catch the breath.. I only hope that the rate of bench growth slows down some. It would be awkward to live in a town lined up with them end to end!

Thanks for reading!

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