Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Will work for food/ P.'s job interview

*Note: Employer name has been withheld for privacy purposes.

P. enters the room.
P: "Nice to meet you, thank you for taking the time to meet with me today." (offers paw)
E: "My pleasure, please have a seat."(hand/paw shake)
P. takes a seat on the floor and looks over the desk. (She told me later that she was smelling biscuits in the desk drawer and also pastrami sandwich on the E.'s breath. A slight distraction)

E: "P, is that what you like to be called?"
P: "Yes."
E: "I've looked over your resume and I have a few questions."
P: "I'm all ears.  And of course, nose."
E:"Yes, I see.  You have extensive experience in searching,sniffing, fetching and swimming.  Tell me more about this experience."
P: "Ever since I was a pup, I have been learning how to perfect these skills. I believe in practicing every day to maximize my effectiveness. It takes alot of work and I love every minute of it. I always give 110% and I have references to back that statement."
E: "Impressive."
P: "For example, the first thing I do each day is wake up my team. We all fuel up and then head out for some morning exercise. During this time, I will practice finding with my nose, running with my legs, listening with my ears and/or swimming with everything I have. I do similar activities thru out the day as needed."
E: "P, what is your greatest strength?"
P:"My nose is exceptional. You can give me a scent, and I will find it fast. I am hot on the trail. I will scour a large or small area and not give up until I find it. So, my final answer to this question is nose and focus."
E:"What is your greatest weakness?"
P:"Because I am so focused, I require my team to be creative in their training methods. I don't like to be bored. That would be where my weakness lies. Boredom.  I prefer not to sleep as much as the cat."
E:"How do you handle stress/pressure?"
P:"Keeping things light. I like to make people and other animals laugh.  Sometimes all they need is a goofy face. Hey, if it gets results, I stick with it."
E:"How do you evaluate success?"
P:"A team/pack that is balanced, healthy, active and happy.  It's not about how many toys we have.  It's about the immediate family that I work with and effective routine."
E:"Why do you want this job?"
P:"I feel I have a lot to give my community. Not only am I great with my team, I enjoy getting to know new beings. I am a wonderful conversation piece because I am so well behaved. That's what all the animals seem to like about me.  It does not matter who is on my team. Whether cat, mouse, snake, worm, bird, cow,bug etc, we can connect easily. So, it's a natural fit for me to get out there and make it happen.  I am ready for a new challenge."
E:"Tell me about a time when you failed."
P:"Recently, I was searching out a ball that landed half way up the trunk of a tree. I had no choice but to try to climb the tree. I kept slipping, it was not working. So, I had to delegate some help from my co bi-ped. She was able to reach it for me. It was a team effort because I sniffed it out and told her where it was."
E:"Do you have experience training others?"
P:"Yes, as a matter of fact, just the other day I had the opportunity to teach another dog how to run without a leash with a ball in it's mouth at the same time. I believe there is a picture of me doing that in my portfolio.  Here it is."

"And here I am teaching how to bob for balls."

E:"Nice. P, if you could choose anyone to have lunch with, who would it be?"
P:"My mom.......Or you."
E:"What is your favorite book? What is your favorite movie?"
P:"Rin Tin Tin and Rin Tin Tin."
E:"How do you balance life and work?"
P:"Use your talents at work and use play in your life. Do each everyday."
E: "Ok, good answer. One last question P., why should I hire you?"
P: "Because I know instinctively how to find whatever is missing. I have a strong desire to succeed in all I do. I work hard, and I play hard. I am focused on my goal and won't quit, even when the going gets rough. I swim in the ocean, I swim in fresh water. No matter. This is my spirit, this is who I am and I would make a spectacular addition to help you meet your goals."
E:"Thank you P. I enjoyed speaking with you." Both stand up and P. says, "Your welcome, very nice to meet you. Interviews make an active dog hungry. Know anywhere close with a good pastrami sandwich?"

Here is the rest of P.'s portfolio photos:

Swimming the ocean coming back from the mtn. on a retrieve

I can drive too.

110% Run

Athletic Catch. 110%

Do you think she'll get the job?


The Redhead Riter said...

Cute!!! Our dog is TINY which is good because I'm scared of BIG teeth LOL

The Roving Historian said...

I was curious, what beach is that, P? We're moving to Sequim soon, and our daughter, Sydney the Cattledog, is looking for a new place to go swimming. ;-)

Outdoor Dog's Blog said...

*Hi Jim, Sorry took so long to get your comment. That is Port Williams beach. It's off Port Williams Rd., so it couldn't be easier to find. We will look for you there. Welcome to Sequim!