Monday, May 7, 2012

Drop of a paradigm, city vs. country

Part 2: The City In Photographs
I have been fortunate to live in both the country and the big city.  There are benefits and negatives to each.  I hesitate to choose which I prefer because of the radical differences.  For example, the city offers many opportunities for culture and engaging activity.  The country offers more solitude and a slower pace in a quiet setting.  These traits are not interchangeable.  Somehow, you must choose between them.  Consequently,  while living in one, I tend to fantasize about a life in the opposite.  How do I know where to be when I always miss the other? 
I look to SF to fulfill the city end of the deal.  I spent a few years growing up there.  I love the great food, entertainment, people, history and of course, my beloved Giants.  So, as an occasional treat, I head down there to visit family and enjoy  the lifestyle.   This time I took some photos from Potrero Hill, the farmer's market and from a vehicle.
View from rooftop garden in Potrero Hill

From the dirt to the city


Once I was able to pick my tongue up off the sidewalk, I enjoyed some entertainment.
Here's how some make a living in the city:

Be a singer!


Make balloon toys!
(I'm thinkin' that's a sword, right?)


Roll a crystal ball all over your body!

Become part of a production crew!
(This is California after all!)

The flowers

Nice color

K.'s orchid at home

The Chocolate

Not mentioning the Michael Recchiuti artisan chocolate would be a sin! These photos by permission at the retail store.

Achey breaky ginger hearts!

That's what I'm talking about!

Totally like eating works of art!

Scenes from a vehicle

Heading into town. Passed a long row chess boards set up on Market street. I wish I could sit there all day just talking and taking
 pictures. Some quality time with the city folk.

 No wind, only sun.

SF, with it's beautiful people, food, weather and hidden treasures waiting to be found. Another fab visit. Each time I leave a piece of me there. It does feel like my heart.

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