Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pacific NW, on mountain time.

Our first hike of the season the day after mother's day.  Not sure about snow line, but headed up to see how far we could get before hitting it. We hiked up the south side of Blue Mountain. Not only had the snow completely melted past the 4,500 ft level, the wildflowers were beginning to bloom.  It was a great time for pictures.

Yep, P.loves to hike and even carries her own back pack.  If we were going on a longer hike, I would also make sure she had enough dog food for a least a day.  Here is what she had in her "day pack" (by Ruffwear) for this hike. 

**Note: This pack may need some adjustments to keep the   
              sides balanced.


Basic contents: 2  (equal size) water bottles, collapsible water bowl,treats,leash,
a couple poop bags and of course, a ball.



View from the trail head...And then I realized I only brought one set of lens. So, wide angle was not going to happen. I had to work with what I had. 

Looking across approx 3 miles to Greywolf mountain area.
Yeah, baby.

Quiet forested trail.  Under the canopy with all the layering of natural forest. How it should be. No breeze, only soft bird calls.  And then, a clearing....


Tree love. 


R. lead the way, P. stayed in the middle. And I lagged behind. I often stopped to take pictures and to enjoy the peaceful scenery that laid before me like a painting. Many signs of the arrival of spring.


Looking through the Alaskan Cedars at the dappled forest floor.


Hot over here, cold over there....Can you feel it?

Now that you are in the mood. Let's add some color with WILDFLOWERS and SUCCULENTS!  OOOOOO!


R. says this is a Glacier Lily

Spreading the pollen love.

Oregon Grape turning colors

Leaf out time coming to a mountain near you!

P. relaxing sans pack at top of mountain next to R.'s walking stick.  It's all downhill from here.

Sharing more soon!  Thanks for visiting!


Justin said...

What wonderful photos! I love bringing my pups with me every where too. Beautiful lab too ;)

Outdoor Dog's Blog said...

Thanks Justin. Many hikes ahead!