Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wandering far from home?

Sometimes it's all about walking a new path.  The path leads to the unknown.  You cannot foresee the future on this path.  You have not been there before.  The path invites and waits silently for you to explore. Ready?

Looking for clues as you proceed.  Sometimes with caution and fear.  You've met with flashy promises before and have had your hopes dashed.  The path has you in it's grip, encircling you within it's web of life.  But is there really anything to fear?

Suddenly, you begin to feel comfortable in your surroundings and the walkway widens.  Your senses open up and the beauty of your discovery encourages you further.  With the sound of rolling brook feeding foliage, you reflect on the previous journeys with people, animals, etc. who are no longer with you. Missing them and appreciating the time shared.  The impact they had in your life. Enough to never let them go and forget.  They continue to walk with you in this way.  Down this path.  With your vows of remembrance for what was.  But also, to accompany you in your wonder of what will become. 

Here, time does not stand still. Even in it's quietness, this place is busy with life.  Stopping only briefly to acknowledge your presence. 

Light levels change when you least expect it. The prolific foliage has receded in search of available sunlight. You feel the darkness too and notice how the loss of sun affects your thoughts.

Hope springs to life when you find flowers growing out of fallen tree.  Nearby, you hear the sound of life affirmating water and it gives you some comfort.  The life blood of nature.  

"Time for exploration of another kind.   The nose kind.  My, what a lot of visitors have been here overnight! Wonder if anyone has left anything good to eat."  -P.

Interesting little flower heads make you stop and wonder some more.

And this is what you always hoped for.  The literal "light at the end of the tunnel."  The point of desire when clarity is reached. At which all the noises swirling around in your head make sense or become obsolete.  The place we all strive for. The culmination of all we have ever done or said. A place of no question.  This picture is all the proof I need that clarity is attainable.  When will you take the time to find your light?  

A couple of photos on the way home. 

 The NW spring in full swing:

    < SNIFF>                       "Yummy!"  

Safe travels, 'til next time!

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